Quick reference classify computers, parts and others items

CD and DVD drives - external, separate units (8471.70);
DVD burner - external unit, designed to record video onto a DVD disc from video camera recorder via USB connection (8521.90);
CD and DVD drives - internal, separate units (8471.70);
CD-R disks – blank (8523.41);
CD-RW disks – blank (8523.41);
Central processing units (CPUs) - can be complete with heatsink and/or fan, separate units (8473.30);
Central storage units - for example RAID (Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks  systems (8471.70);
Computer games software - for use on computers only (8523.49);
Desktop computer systems, personal computers (PCs) and tower computer systems (8471.49);
Digital camcorders - no video input connector, with picture storage capacity (8525.80);
Digital camcorders - with video input connector and picture storage capacity (8525.80);
DVD-R disks – blank (8523.41);
DVD-RW disks – blank (8523.41);
Electronic personal organisers - or palm-held portables (8543.70);
Firewall systems (8517.62);
Flash memory cards (8523.51);
Floppy disks and super floppy disks (8523.29);
Graphics cards - separate units (8471.80);
Hard disk drives – external (8471.70);
Keyboards - for computer systems, separate units (8471.60);
Laptop and notebook computers (8471.30);
Local area network (LAN) units - external, for example hubs (8517.62);
Memory - standard DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), for example SIMM (Single Inline Memory module) and DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module), separate units (8473.30);
Memory - standard SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory), separate units (8473.30);
Minidiscs – blank (8523.29);
Monitors - computer only, not dual purpose, separate units (8528.52);
Mouse, trackballs, joysticks for computers and other X-Y coordinate input devices - separate units (8471.60);
MP3 players - no video capability, without radio (8519.81);
MP3 players - no video capability, with radio (8527.13);
MP4 players - video capability, with or without radio (8521.90);
Multimedia portable players - audio, video, software downloading (8471.30);
Network cards (8517.62);
Network file servers - complete computer system (8523.49);
Pen drives - portable USB memory devices (8523.51);
Personal digital assistants (PDAs) (8471.30);
PDA with built-in GPS (Global Positioning System) (8526.91);
Power supply units (PSUs) for computer units, separate units (8504.40);
Printers - for computer output, not multi-functional, separate units (8443.32);
Printer servers (8517.62);
Printer sharers (8471.80);
Scanners - not multi-functional, separate units (8471.60);
Software on CD or DVD - programs or data, but not games (8523.49);
Software on CD or DVD - music or other sound (8523.49);
Sound cards - card only, separate units (8471.80);
Speakers - single loudspeaker, separate units (8518.21);
Speakers - multiple loudspeaker, separate units (8518.22);
Television PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) tuner card assemblies (8528.71);
Webcams - no image storage or saving capacity (8525.80);
Wide area network (WAN) units - for example gateways (8517.62);
Wireless fixed access units (Wi-Fi) (8517.62).

This post is a resume of "Guidance Classifying computers and software for import and export" that is found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/classifying-computers-and-software 
Source: HM Revenue & Customs, 21 June 2017.

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