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CONSEQUENTIAL AMENDMENTS TO THE HS NOMENCLATURE 2017 EDITION The WCO Council, at its 125th /126th Sessions in June 2015, adopted the following amendments to the HS Nomenclature 2017 Edition : I) Some corrigendum amendments to the HS Nomenclature following the Council Recommendation of 27 June 2014 concerning the amendment of the HS Nomenclature; II) An Article 16 Recommendation concerning the amendment of the HS Nomenclature (consequential upon the corrigendum amendments following the Council Recommendation of 27 June 2014). The amendments are required in order to take account of : 1) replacement of the references to the five-digit codes "0302.9" and "0303.9" in the amendments to subheadings 0302.1, 0302.2, 0302.3, 0302.4, 0302.5, 0302.7, 0302.8, 0303.1, 0303.2, 0303.3, 0303.4, 0303.5, 0303.6 and 0303.8 by references to the appropriate range of six-digit codes, i.e., "0302.91 to 0302.99" and "0303.91 to 0303.99", respectively, and 2) alignment between…
CLASSIFICAÇÃO DE TOALHEIRO TIPO ARGOLA, DE ALUMÍNIO E PLÁSTICO Toalheiro tipo argola, de alumínio e plástico, para ser fixado à parede de banheiros, destinado a sustentar toalhas e vestimentas. Código NCM: 8302.50.00. DISPOSITIVOS LEGAIS: RGI/SH 1 e 3 "b" (texto da posição 83.02) e 6 (textos da subposição 8302.50) da Nomenclatura Comum do Mercosul (NCM). Cesar Olivier Dalston: Fonte: SOLUÇÃO DE CONSULTA Nº 200, DE 25 DE MAIO DE 2015.
CLASSIFICAÇÃO DE CONTROLADOR DE JOGOS ELETRÔNICOS COMPOSTO DE VOLANTE E PEDAIS, PARA SIMULAÇÃO DE JOGOS DE CORRIDA Controlador de jogos eletrônicos composto de volante e pedais, para simulação de jogos de corrida em videogames ou em máquinas automáticas de processamento de dados, com conexão através de cabo USB. Código NCM: 9504.50.00 DISPOSITIVOS LEGAIS: RGI 1 (texto da Nota 3.- do Capítulo 95 e texto da posição 95.04) e 6 (textos da Nota 3 - do Capítulo 95, da Nota de subposição 1.- a) do Capítulo 95 e da subposição de 9504.50) da …
LED lighting module constructed from machined aluminium housing with attached mounting plate and an integrated thermal management system. Behind the lens of the LED module are eight light-emitting diodes : three saturated red LEDs and five unsaturated yellow LEDs, as well as driver electronics. The module has the following specifications : - colour temperature : 2700 - 4000K, - nominal luminous flux of 700 lumens - input voltage range 110 – 130 V/60 – 70 Hz and 220 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz. The product does not include an Edisontype screw base or a standard two-pin connector base. Instead, two copper lead wires (line and neutral) extend from the back of the base for connection to a power source. Applications include indoor and outdoor downlights, wall sconces and pendant lights.
Classification: 9405.40
Classification rationale: GIRs 1 and 6.
HS codes considered: 85.43 and 94.05
Cesar Olivier

ource: Classification Rulings – HS Commit…
Woven fabric, 100 % absorbent cotton, of plain weave construction, sparse, white, smooth textured, weighing 15 g/m2 .
It is packed for sale in rolls weighing approximately 1,200 g.
The length of the fabric is 90 metres and the width is 0.90 metres (folded in the middle, apparent width 45 cm).
The roll is wrapped in two layers of paper (one blue and one white), labelled with information for the end consumer stating that the product is intended for hospital use and is not sterilized.
HS codes considered: 30.05 and 52.08. Classification: 3005.90 (belive it or not) Classification rationale: GIRs 1 (Note 2 to Section VI, Note 1 (e) to Section XI) and 6. Cesar Olivier Dalston:
Source: Classification Rulings – HS Committee 55th Session, World Customs Organization, march 2015.
CLASSIFICATION OF PIZZA TOPPING Pizza topping made of mozzarella cheese (76 % by weight), sliced into small pieces; pepperoni (22 % by weight); spices (approximately 1 % by weight, comprising dehydrated garlic, onion powder, chilli pepper); canola oil and calcium silicate (approximately 1 % by weight). The spices are mixed to coat the cheese. The coated cheese and pepperoni are then packaged together, divided by a loose piece of wax paper, in a 280 gram sealed plastic bag as a portion-controlled amount of topping for one extra-large pizza. Sixty-five such bags are shipped together in a single box and intended for use in the food service industry (pizzerias). Classification rationale: The product can neither be regarded as a preparation nor as a set put up for retail sale. Its components, i.e., the “mozzarella cheese” and the “pepperoni”, are to be classified in their own appropriate headings. 0406.10 (for the “mozzarella”) - GIRs 1 and 6. 1601.00 (for the “pepperoni”) - GIR 1
CLASSIFICAÇÃO DE RODA PARA CARRINHO DE MÃO OU PARA CARRINHO MANUAL DE CARGA Roda completa para carrinho de mão ou para carrinho manual de carga, constituída por aro de polipropileno, roda de EVA - Etileno Acetato de Vanila – e eixo de metal, todos montados sob pressão, resultando em um único produto denominado rodado industrial completo sem câmara, com peso líquido de 2,32 kg e dimensões de 15 x 34 x 34 cm. Código NCM 8716.90.90. DISPOSITIVOS LEGAIS: RGI-1 (texto da posição 87.16), RGI-6 (texto da subposição 8716.90) e RGC-1 (texto do item 8716.90.90) da NCM. Cesar Olivier Dalston, Fonte: SOLUÇÃO DE CONSULTA Nº 110, DE 26 DE MARÇO DE 2015.
CLASSIFICAÇÃO DE FORNO DOMÉSTICO A LENHA. Forno de uso doméstico a combustível sólido (lenha), de emprego móvel por rodízios do carrinho inferior ou fixo em bancada, com 95% do seu peso correspondente a ferro fundido e chapas metálicas, e os outros 5%, a refratários, vidro, esmaltes e plásticos. Código NCM: 7321.19.00. DISPOSITIVOS LEGAIS…
Wrist wearable device ("smart watch") : a battery-operated device (available in two sizes) in the form of a wrist-watch, incorporating a display, a central processing unit (CPU), an electronic watch module, microphone, speaker, vibration motor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and an optical PPG (photoplethysmogram) sensor. A radio transceiver utilizes an open wireless technology standard (Bluetooth® 4.0), which enables the device to communicate wirelessly with certain mobile devices, such as mobile telephones for cellular networks; the device also contains Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless technology. The device provides certain functionality after initialization with a host device but while used separately from that device, including retrieving and viewing cached information and wireless communications through WiFi and NFC : view date and time; play music; view photos; access cached calendar and reminders; view …

Goods put up in a set for retail sale comprising :
- a "drone", i.e., a remote-controlled fourrotor helicopter, also called “quadcopter”, with an integrated digital camera (dimensions : 29 cm x 29 cm x 18 cm; weight : 1,160 grams), 
- a 5.8 GHz remote controller,
- a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi range extender and 
- a "smartphone"mount.

The helicopter is controlled via levers on the supplied remote control. The remote control comes equipped with a mount for a "smartphone" so the operator can use the phone screen to view "streaming" video images via Wi-Fi signal. The operator can take both videos (1080p HD) and still images (14 MP). The operator uses a separate program ("app") from the manufacturer to control the camera via the smartphone. The range of the supplied Wi-Fi range extender is approximately 300 meters and flying time is approximately 25 minutes before the battery must be recharged.